Nurse breaks down after being handed mother's shs21m surgery bill

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Nurse breaks down after being handed mother's shs21m surgery bill
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Fastine Ojangole, a nurse, is under immense pressure due to his inability to cover the hospital bill of Shs21 million for his mother who is battling lumbar spondylosis.

Lumbar spondylosis is a condition characterized by age-related changes in the spine's bones and discs which can result in extreme lower back problems.

Sharing his distress on social media through Dr. Spire Ssentongo's platform, Ojangole, a nurse at a private healthcare facility in Mukono, revealed his shock at Gulu Orthopaedic Centre's demand of Shs21million for his mother's operation.

“I am from Pallisa District. I am a nurse by profession working with some private health institution in Mukono but am just paid little money that I can’t even feed myself. Right now, my mother is there but the doctor wants atleast 90% of the money before he operates her,” Ojangole said.

“When I looked at the bill and I looked at mummy, I started crying. I left the hospital and came back to Mukono with tears rolling my eyes because even if we sell whole of our home, we can’t raise that money,”

On Wednesday, the Nile Post reached out to Ojangole regarding the situation.

Speaking to this reporter, Ojangole expressed his despair at the high cost, lamenting that even selling their home wouldn't be enough to meet the financial requirement.

He disclosed that for weeks now, his mother has been immobile, in excruciating pain, and unable to communicate due to the severity of her condition.

Ojangole, further elaborated on the dire situation, emphasizing their financial struggles and the lack of resources to fund the operation.

“Our mother sold all land to educate us but we are all struggling to find better paying jobs. Some of my brothers are working as nurses in small private facilities, my other two sisters are working as teachers and no one gets paid even Shs400,000,”

Despite exhausting all their options, the family finds themselves in a desperate and helpless situation.

“We are stressed and stranded. We have no land to sell to raise the money and are painfully watching our mother in dire pain,”

“We have no any money left. We have no transportation, no food and no money required for the operation,”

Appealing to the readers of Nile Post and any willing donors, Ojangole requested assistance in securing funds to save her mother's life.

For those who wish to contribute, donations can be made through Ojangole’s contact numbers; 0777613193 or 0706185601.

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