Salam TV's Road to Makkah 2024: Weli Travel's first Hajj seminar prepares pilgrims for spiritual journey

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Salam TV's Road to Makkah 2024: Weli Travel's first Hajj seminar prepares pilgrims for spiritual journey
Sheikh Salim Bossa, Sheikh Qassim Kiyingi & Sheikh Mugendera

Salam TV's Road to Makkah 2024, in collaboration with Weli Travel, is gearing up for the upcoming Hajj pilgrimage, scheduled for June 2 to 23.

In preparation, Weli Travel hosted its inaugural Hajj seminar on May 18th, 2024, aimed at enlightening pilgrims with essential information and spiritual guidance.

This seminar brought together distinguished sheikhs and enthusiastic pilgrims, fostering a rich learning environment.

Held at the Weli Travel conference hall, the seminar was attended by over 60 pilgrims in person, while many others participated virtually through Salam TV and Weli Travel’s social media platforms.

Key Sessions and Highlights

Sheikh Salim Bossa opened the seminar with an insightful session on the essential pillars of Hajj. He emphasized the significance of each ritual, ensuring that pilgrims understood the spiritual weight and historical context of their journey.

His teachings laid a strong foundation, helping attendees grasp the profound acts they will undertake.

Sheikh Abdulkarim Mugendera followed with a detailed explanation of the fundamental requirements for performing Hajj. He meticulously covered the practical aspects, from Ihram to Tawaf, providing a comprehensive guide that reassured the pilgrims about their preparedness.

His session was particularly appreciated for its clarity and practical advice.

Weli Travel 2024 pilgrims

Sheikh Qassim Kiyingi delivered a captivating lecture on the significance of the historical sites associated with Hajj.

His storytelling transported the pilgrims back in time, connecting them to the rich history and sacred events that define the pilgrimage.

Sheikh Kiyingi’s narratives deepened the pilgrims’ appreciation for the journey they are about to embark on.

Sheikh Didat Kakooza concluded the seminar by focusing on the crucial aspect of maintaining good health during Hajj.

He offered practical tips on nutrition, hydration, and physical well-being, ensuring that the pilgrims are not only spiritually but also physically prepared for the challenges ahead.

His advice was particularly valuable given the strenuous nature of the pilgrimage.

Successful Outcomes and Future Plans

The event was a resounding success, with pilgrims expressing gratitude for the valuable insights and practical advice received.

The seamless integration of physical and virtual participation allowed for a wide reach, ensuring that all pilgrims, regardless of their location, could benefit from the seminar.

Weli Travel's commitment to thorough preparation and community support was evident throughout the seminar.

As the pilgrims prepare to board Emirates Airlines for their sacred journey, they do so with confidence, knowledge, and a deeper connection to their faith.

The first Hajj seminar has set a high standard, promising a spiritually fulfilling and well-prepared pilgrimage for all involved.

Looking ahead, preparations are underway for the second Hajj seminar on May 25th, 2024, continuing the mission of ensuring all pilgrims are well-prepared for their spiritual journey.

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