Fred Kalulanga's 'The Love List' promises to enchant Ugandan viewers

Fred Kalulanga's 'The Love List' promises to enchant Ugandan viewers
Fred Kalulanga

Singer and actress Hellen Lukoma is set to take centre stage in the upcoming production of "The Love List" during its Ugandan premiere.

Written by Fred Kalulanga, the stage play revolves around a couple's quest to deepen their love for each other. While their relationship seems perfect on the surface, constant complaints and a lack of communication create obstacles. The more they consider each other's opinions, the more likely they are to say hurtful things.

Kalulanga expressed his confidence in Lukoma's exceptional talent, stating that she is perfectly suited to portray the character envisioned for the play.

Lukoma, known for her popular songs like "Olinye Yamajje" and "Njakufumba," shared her excitement about taking on this role. She revealed that stage acting was one of her earliest crafts, having been taught by Quezi Kaganda during her time with Obsessions. She assured audiences that she would give it her all and deliver a memorable performance.

As a renowned theatre producer in the United Kingdom, this marks Kalulanga's first production in Uganda. He expressed his enthusiasm for bringing his epic romantic play to the "Pearl of Africa."

Lukoma's collaboration with Kalulanga was met with admiration, as he described her as a generous contributor to the industry. He considered himself fortunate to have her on board.

"The Love List" was written a decade ago and has been successfully staged in Sweden and other parts of the United Kingdom. Encouraged by the positive feedback, Kalulanga is confident that the Ugandan audience will embrace it.

While the play touches on complicated relationships, it is not solely focused on toxic ones. Kalulanga clarified that it aims to inspire individuals who have experienced or encountered destructive relationships.

The premiere of "The Love List" is scheduled for June 2, 2024, at the National Theatre, starting at 7:00 PM. The play will run until June 22, 2024, with multiple showings during that time.

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