Event organisers vanish with Shs 50 million, forcing Felista's concert cancellation

Event organisers vanish with Shs 50 million, forcing Felista's concert cancellation

Budding rapper Faith Nanyanzi, known by her stage name Felista Di Superstar, has been left in tears as she announced the sudden cancellation of her highly anticipated concert, Felista Fest 2024.

The event was scheduled to take place at Wankulukuku Stadium on Easter Monday.

In a heartfelt message to her fans and supporters, Felista shared her sadness.

"To all my fans and supporters, I am so sad to inform you that my maiden concert, Felista Fest 2024, which was supposed to take place at Wankulukuku Stadium on Easter Monday, has been cancelled," she said.

The cancellation stems from an unfortunate incident involving the disappearance of the person responsible for managing the event's funds.

Allegedly, this individual vanished, taking with them an estimated sum of Shs 50,000,000.

Devastated by the turn of events, Felista took to social media to express her deep sorrow and share the setback she has encountered.

She wrote, "I have a lot of pain in my heart but have learned that the Uganda music industry is not a piece of cake to eat. My supporters had decided to boost my career by funding this concert, only to be ruined by a greedy man."

Determined to expose the alleged fraudster, Felista boldly declared her intention to unveil the culprit's identity and share photographs.

She aims to prevent others from falling victim to similar deceptive tactics.

"Although all of this has happened, I won't give up on my dreams. I will keep fighting because survival is for the fittest," Felista affirmed, showcasing her resilience.

Felista turned to a higher power, expressing her faith in Allah or God and believing that a greater plan awaited her.

She expressed gratitude for the love and support received from her fans, acknowledging that while this opportunity has faded away, she remains hopeful for a brighter future.

During this challenging time, Felista's fans and supporters have rallied around her, sending messages of encouragement and solidarity.

Many have voiced their disappointment at the dishonesty displayed by the unidentified individual, emphasising the need for accountability and justice.

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