Govt to withhold school capitation grants over delayed registration

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Govt to withhold school capitation grants over delayed registration
Schools participate in the competition.

By Denis Opoka

The State Minister of Education in charge of Primary Education, Dr. Joyce Moriko Kaducu, has announced that starting next financial year, primary schools across Uganda will not receive capitation grants if they fail to register with the Education Management Information System (EMIS).

In her speech as the guest of honour during the official opening ceremony for the 2024 National Kids Athletic Championship at Kitgum Bomah ground, Dr. Kaducu explained that the ministry uses the data from Education Management Information System (EMIS) for proper planning and resource allocation for public schools.

“No EMIS, no capitation grants, so calling everybody including teachers, parents, and all education stakeholders to advise the schools to register with the Education Management Information System because it will not be business as usual effective next financial year” she revealed.

She emphasized that it is crucial for schools to register with EMIS to ensure they receive the necessary funding and support from the government.

Dr. Kaducu was reechoing the call made by Williams Bwambale, the president of Uganda Primary School Sport Association (UPSSA), who had earlier in his speech asked the District Education Officers to emphasize with the head teacher to register learners in the Education Management Information System.

“All children who are here are here because they have been registered with the Education Management Information System, those who have not registered are not here” Bwambale requested.

Education Management Information System is a locally developed system designed to manage learner and institutional data across all levels of education in Uganda.

It is currently being deployed nationwide to improve education management and resource allocation.

According to Bwambale, before the introduction of EMIS registration there used to be lots of anomalies while screening these athletics but this year those challenges are no more.

“Districts and Schools use to bring athletic who with our naked eye would see he or she is above the age bracket they are competing but because we were not having proper screening system, we have to allow which very bad” he said

This year’s championships, which began on May 12 and are expected to be completed by May 22, 2024, have attracted a record 160 local governments across Uganda with 5475 athletics under 12 and 14 years of age, and with the youngest competitor reported to be 6 years old.

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