Tororo to lose billions to slow seed schools construction

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Tororo to lose billions to slow seed schools construction
One of the projects of a seed school whose construction lags behind | David Ochieng

Tororo District risks losing billions of shillings meant for the construction of seed schools by the end of this financial year. This as most projects remain behind schedule

Mwello Seed Secondary is among the schools that could be affected. The school was awarded to Zianat Multipurpose International Ltd for construction in financial year 2023/24 at a cost of over Shs648 million.

But even after advancing payments of about Shs180 million to the contractor, the construction works has only achieved 5 percent.

Given the slow pace of construction works at the site, the district engineer recently recommended that the contractor be terminated and another contractor assigned works.

However, the demand has not been adhered too. This as the Chief Administrative Officer, Mr Gabriel Richard Atama insists that the action may cost the district just in case it's dragged to court.

"The district is currently battling with several cases in court due to such action. I therefore don't buy the idea. Let's give the contractor time since he's left with one month," Atama said.

Iyolwa seed secondary is yet another school lagging behind. The school was awarded to Custom Engineering Ltd in financial year 2022/23 and to date it has taken two financial years.

Much as the school construction has taken 2 financial years, it may not be still concluded in this financial year ending.

Benjamin Oketcho, the Iyolwa Subcounty chairperson, says the contractor at the site has not been serious.

"The contractor deployed few workers at the site yet the workload is much. This is the reason why this construction is still far from over," Oketcho says.

According to the deputy resident district commissioner, Albert Amula, the two seed schools adds to a few other schools that is stalling.

Others include Pajwenda and Aturukuku.

And given weeks to the end of financial year, there is already panic that the district is set to return billions of shillings to the consolidated fund yet again in this financial year.

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