School Holidays: A Time to Nourish Growing Minds and Bodies

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School Holidays: A Time to Nourish Growing Minds and Bodies
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With the joyous arrival of term one school holidays, the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) issued a timely reminder to parents: maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is paramount for children's well-being.

The MoES emphasizes the profound impact of nutrition on a child's development. Their "Teacher's Guide on Nutrition" details the detrimental effects of poor dietary choices on school-aged children. These consequences include delayed enrollment, increased absenteeism, trouble concentrating, and, most concerning, a rise in school drop-out rates.

The guide defines nutrition as "the food we eat and how the body uses it to function and perform its activities." It outlines the essential building blocks for a healthy body: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, salts, and vitamins.

Extensive research underscores the importance of a balanced diet, which incorporates a wide variety of foods in appropriate proportions. This includes ample servings of vegetables and fruits, along with plenty of water to keep the body hydrated. Dairy products and high-fiber foods are also crucial components for a healthy and well-rounded dietary plan.

Understanding the critical role of balanced nutrition, companies like Fresh Dairy are committed to providing healthy options for families. Vincent Omoth, Marketing Manager at Fresh Dairy, recognizes the importance of yoghurt in a healthy lifestyle, especially during school holidays when routines can shift.

"Yoghurt is a cornerstone of a healthy diet and lifestyle for families," says Omoth. "With the children home from school, we want to encourage parents to incorporate Fresh Dairy flavoured yoghurt into their daily meals."

Fresh Dairy yoghurts are packed with essential nutrients, including energy, carbohydrates, protein, fat, and calcium. These vital building blocks support healthy growth and development in children.

Recognizing the busy schedules of parents during the holidays, Fresh Dairy has implemented convenient and accessible options for purchasing their products.

“We have even made it easier now for parents to access Fresh Dairy flavoured yoghurt this school holiday season by simply calling our customer care toll free line on 0800100020/21 or WhatsApp 0715744664, Pay from anywhere anytime electronically and the orders will be delivered to their doorsteps,” Omoth said.

Omoth concluded by noting that Fresh Dairy flavoured yoghurt comes in Cups: 450g, 250g, 150g and 100g, 400g pouches, and is available countrywide in shops, duukas, kiosks, supermarkets and Tuk Tuk agents.

Fresh Dairy offers a diverse selection of yoghurt options to cater to various family needs. Their products come in a range of cup sizes, from single-serve to larger family-sized containers. Pouches provide a portable option for on-the-go snacking, while wide availability across shops, kiosks, supermarkets, and even Tuk Tuk agents ensures easy access for families throughout the country.

By prioritizing a balanced diet during the school holidays, parents can nurture their children's health and well-being. A nourishing diet lays the foundation for a successful return to school, ensuring children are energized, focused, and ready to tackle the new academic term.


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