Insecurity forces Gashumba out of NRM support hideout, calls out security chiefs

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Insecurity forces Gashumba out of NRM support hideout, calls out security chiefs
Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba

NATIONAL | "If you cannot protect Ugandans with their properties, simply resign," Frank Gashumba told heads of security agencies, including the Chief of Defence Forces, General Muhoozi Kainerugaba, on Monday.

In the post on X, formerly Twitter, the controversial socio-political commentator appeared to have frothed with frustration and could no longer hold it in anymore.

"Everyday we see social media clips of Ugandans being assaulted, robbed and even murdered by gangs on the streets of Kampala and several testimonial reports and recordings on different categories of young females, males, traumatised by the thuggery even in broad daylight," he said.

Mr Gashumba's frustration is shared by millions of Ugandans who only recently watched with chills down their spines thugs attacked a man on Ben Kiwanuka Street in downtown Kampala and made off with his valuables after thumping him to pulp.

Besides Gen Muhoozi, Gashumba tagged President Museveni, Speaker Anita Among and several major media houses and personalities.

Mr Gashumba, who hops from political personality to another, said Ugandans are wondering why "they pay you people salaries" as he addressed all heads of security agencies - UPDF, Police, Internal Security Organisation, Military Police, spy agencies and Special Forces Command.

"You are paid to protect lives and properties. If these gangs have over powered you, you don't qualify to wear our uniforms."

Point Two of the NRM 10-Point Programme that President Museveni in 1986 assured Ugandans his government would deliver on was the restoration of security of persons and their property.

Gashumba, has recently been one of the most vocal supporters of Gen Muhoozi, might not have expressed mentioned that NRA doctrine that is lately seldom talked about but his rallying cry pinned one on the wall.

He is the vice chairman of Muhoozi's People's League of Uganda in the central region and the challenge on the CDF will come as a surprise - albeit only to those who do not know Gashumba.

Efforts to reach Gashumba to explain his outburst were futile.


Gashumba's venting was readily picked up by several Ugandans, including victims of insecurity in the city.

Mr Gastavus Kakaire, who works with the Electoral Commission, said the times are very difficult as he recalled his recent escape after thugs attacked his home.

"My family and I have been victim. I have a scar and implants in my skull as a result," he said.

"Despite efforts and follow ups (which by the way were costing me a lot money), not a single suspect was apprehended and arraigned in court. The best my area security people would advise me is to buy a gun (to literally protect myself). I am a law abiding citizen who pays my taxes and expects a service in return. I expect protection from those paid to do so."

Police on Monday said its officers in Kira Division had successfully carried out an intelligence-led operation in which 15 suspected hardcore criminals were arrested.

The operation took place in Nsawo Zone, Kyaliwajala Ward, Namugongo Division, Wakiso District.

Kampala Metropolitan Police deputy spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire said the operation was in response to the recent increase in reported criminal activities, the territorial police at Kira Division have

"During the operation, suspected narcotic substances and house-breaking implements were recovered," ASP Owoyesigyire said.

"More details will be provided as soon as possible. These operations are part of our ongoing efforts to ensure security as we gear up for the celebrations of Martyrs Day."

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