Joshua Mujunga: NBS journalist sustains serious injuries after night attack

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Joshua Mujunga: NBS journalist sustains serious injuries after night attack
Joshua Mujunga was hit on the head with a hammer just metres from his home in Wakiso

Journalists Joshua Mujunga was lucky to escape with his life Tuesday night after suspected thugs struck him on the head with a blunt object.

Mujunga, a seasoned video journalist with NBS Television, was on his way home in Kinoni Gombe B, Bukasa Parish, Wakiso Town Council, Wakiso District when two men riding on a motorcycle attacked.

The events unfolded on the night of Tuesday, May 14, leaving Mujunga unconscious and soaked in blood.

As the night descended, Mujunga embarked on his usual journey home, accompanied by his colleague Josephat Walugembe, who shared the same direction.

Just metres away from his residence, Mujunga was struck on the head, rendering him unconscious.

The ordeal began at 11pm, triggering a frantic rush for medical attention. His wife, frantically called for help, with Walugembe turning out the saviour when he responded to the emergency call.

The journey for treatment commenced from Wakiso to Norvick Hospital, where initial wound dressing was administered.

However, the quest for a CT scan led them to various hospitals, including Case Hospital and Nakasero Hospital, only to encounter technical issues and depleted film supplies.

Finally, at 6:30am, Mujunga arrived at Kampala Hospital, where the necessary scans revealed no major brain injuries, offering a glimmer of relief amidst the chaos of the night.

As Mujunga recuperates, questions arise about the challenges of accessing emergency treatment from major hospitals during nighttime hours. How can such hurdles be overcome to ensure prompt and efficient healthcare delivery for all?

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