Absence of uniforms, faulty gadgets spoil Iganga census

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Absence of uniforms, faulty gadgets spoil Iganga census
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Iganga's National Population and Housing Census kicked off on Friday, but not without hiccups. Faulty tablets and a lack of official uniforms for enumerators caused delays in Nakalama Sub County.

Lunchtime arrived with some enumerators still stuck at headquarters. They awaited fixes for malfunctioning tablets and the promised aprons meant to distinguish them from imposters.

Sub-county chairperson, Mr. Kawanguzi Hamidu, expressed concern. The faulty equipment and missing uniforms jeopardized enumerator safety, especially considering government pronouncements on identification.

He added that some enumerators were dropped last minute, with their tablets reassigned to newcomers unfamiliar with their operation. This, he stressed, could disrupt the vital, ten-yearly government program.

The ousted enumerators remained disgruntled at headquarters as their colleagues finally began their rounds. The district ICT officer, Mr. Biluru Jonah, faced an influx of over 80 enumerators seeking help with operating their tablets.

District official Ms. Sauba Kauma acknowledged the tablet issues and promised swift rectification. Regarding the dropped enumerators, she clarified they were on a reserve list, not the designated field team.

Despite these challenges, some areas, particularly the municipality, reported smooth operations with residents cooperating and responding positively to the enumerators' questions. This, locals attributed to the government's effective pre-census mobilization efforts, emphasizing the theme: "It matters to be counted."

The census, running from May 10th to 19th, aims to capture the entire Ugandan population. While some areas like Iganga faced initial hurdles, the government, through the Uganda Bureau of Statistics, remains optimistic about achieving a complete population count.

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