Honda rides its wings into boda market

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Honda rides its wings into boda market
Honda motorcyles

Japanese motorcycle giants Honda have made the splash into boda boda industry in what it says is the beginning of an extra ordinary journey for economic empowerment of hundreds of thousands of young people and their households.

Through its local dealership, Markh Automobile, Honda this week signed memorandum of understanding with 10 leading boda boda associations in Kampala.

Marketed and sold in almost all countries in the world. Honda has since 1948 produced over 400 million motorcycles globally and is by far the world’s biggest, most dependable, and beloved motorcycle brand.

And in Kampala, Honda took to selling the idea of its durability to its first clients, saying success is not a sprint but a marathon that needs a product that is highly reliable, and which will stand the test of time.

"Honda is more than a Bike, Honda is all about building people and building dreams – a durable, cost-effective tool for sustainable economic empowerment and financial freedom," Ms Maria Namusoke Kamoga, managing director of Markh Automobile.

"We are partnering today with boda boda associations in a special scheme that will create unique opportunities for thousands of their members to access the world’s leading motorcycle renowned for its durability, reliability, and cost effectiveness in maintenance."

The launch in Kampala was officiated by the Minister for Kampala, Mr Kabuye Kyofatogabye, and attended by head export division at Honda Christian Nguegan, Rubaga mayor Zaccky Mberaze, and Honda South Africa sales division manager Mori Ryosuke.

In Uganda, the commercial motorcycle transport venture is running under the brand, Honda by Markh.

Left-right: Honda's Christian Nguegan, Minister Kyofatogabye, Ms Namusoke and Mori Kyosuke during the launch

Ms Namusoke said they have created a business incubation programme dubbed, "Club 110" - a first of its kind in the country - for any motorcycle dealer.

"The chief aim of this club is to facilitate the ease of ownership of the world’s strongest motorcycle,” Ms Namusoke said.

"This shows our commitment to empowering our stakeholders for long term economic sustainability. We know too well that empowering the individual is empowering the nation."

She said the dkey to building a strong nation is offering people economic empowerment - better living experience, better education for children, better health for the family, and better health means long life, and long life means the opportunity to achieve dreams and enjoy the fruits of labour.

"As Honda, our core business is socio-economic empowerment of the people of Uganda. We deal in more than motorcycles, we deal in hope, we power dreams, we create sustainable opportunities, we give people a platform to pursue and achieve their entrepreneurial ambitions," Ms Namusoke said.

Honda by Markh, she added, has come into the market with a different approach to business.

"We are versatile and a pleasure to do business with. Honda is the answer to your prayers as a boda boda entrepreneur."

The boda boda industry employs an estimated 300,000 youth in Kampala alone and are a source of livelihood to over 500,000 people in the country.

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