Backdoor diplomacy can save Among-Experts

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Backdoor diplomacy can save Among-Experts
Speaker Anita Among

Foreign policy experts have underscored the role of backdoor diplomacy in solving diplomatic standoffs that pose high reputational risks to the country.

These say that Uganda has no chance at reciprocal entitlement since its consequences are dire to the country’s economy since it is just a player in the global power play.

Like a movie with monthly episodes, sanctions have been slapped onto the Speaker of Parliament, Annet  Among .

Questions have lingered on whether Uganda will be able to receive funding in loans and from US and the UK since the body that approves these is headed by a sanctioned speaker.

Prof Ahmed Hadji, a foreign affairs analyst says that money will continue coming in.

“ Uganda is a sovereign country and there is a jurisdiction issue first of all. Remember these are sanctions against her as a person, not the leadership of Parliament," he said.

Uganda’s trade balance with the US shifted from a goods trade surplus of 75milion USD in 2021 to a goods trade deficit of 7 million USD in 2022

While the trade balance between Uganda and the UK in the four quarters to the end of 2023 was a goods surplus of 42 million Euros.

So, we ask if this relationship will not be dented hurting the Ugandan economy that is in dire need for foreign direct Investment

Ahmed Hadji said that “ You are seeking for alot of foreign investments in your country to grow the manufacturing sector that employs your youth, so these sanctions scare away investors.”

Sanctions are bad for any Ugandan Politicians, whether on the opposition or ruling government. It is unclear if there is no other powers in the European Union are not probing the same individuals for sanctions.

According to Silver Kayondo,"  in case the European Union also imposes targeted sanctions, Ugandan firms doing business with European businesses will be required to submit their sanctions policies as a form of third-party risk management. The due diligence will be more enhanced right from procurement to payments.”

So, the sanctions themselves may not hurt as much as their tails

Legal minds say that an array of measures are available including but not limited to expelling the sanctioning country’s diplomats, issuing counter sanctions like in trade, trade restrictions, travel bans of targeted individuals, cessation of diplomatic ties , issuance a protest notes , and withdraw from critical joint missions/pacts among others

Experts however warn that these would have disastrous effects.

Kayondo says that it’s not all gone as there are “some immediate gestures that Kampala can make to Washington, D.C. including unblocking facebook/Meta and approve Starlink's license application that has been pending for too long.”

Otherwise, there is much more to lose as a country in these diplomatic standoffs.

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