Teso locals threaten to march to State House to protest Speaker Among sanctions

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Teso locals threaten to march to State House to protest Speaker Among sanctions
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Itesofrom various districts have threatened to march on foot from Soroti to State House in Kampala, to voice  their grievances over accusations against Speaker Anita Among.

Leading the initiative is Francis Erau, who has declared their intent to defend the Speaker amidst allegations from the international community.

“What our sister Anita is going through is unacceptable. It is clear that when you speak the truth, you are hated,”  Erau said.

He said that Speaker Among is being unfairly targeted for her stance on homosexuality.

The group, representing concerned Iteso, views the accusations as an attack on their community and values.

“The outside world has decided to fight the Speaker, but as Iteso, we see this as a grave abuse. We will stand by our sister and defend her in any situation,” Erau stated.

The group while addressing press this morning in Soroti has warned that they will not be swayed by external influences.

“We want to stand with her and warn whoever is perpetuating these allegations that God is watching, and you will pay for it very soon."

They  also plan to hold prayers to cast out any negative forces against the Speaker.

The Iteso demand that those accusing Speaker Among present their evidence in court rather than making unfounded claims.

They have expressed their readiness to walk to Kampala to express their grievances to President Museveni and the world.

Denis Ooja, a youth leader in Soroti, voiced the youth’s support, rejecting homosexuality and backing the Speaker.

“I request all those who believe in God to reject this outside nonsense,” Ooja said.

The group highlighted that Speaker Anita Among has been a remarkable leader, despite facing pressure from international entities.

“There is no provision for homosexuality in Islam, and we are ready to march to Kampala,” said  Muslim members of the group.

Brian Olyok Mulonga, another youth leader in Soroti, condemned NUP leader Robert Kyagulanyi, known as Bobi Wine, for allegedly influencing sanctions against the Speaker.

Mulonga accused him of undermining Uganda’s sovereignty and Teso culture.

“We are very bitter. We want to see if it’s Britain or the sovereignty of Uganda that will prevail” Mulonga warned, hinting at consultations with elders and potential actions to prevent Bobi Wine from entering Teso.

The Iteso community is steadfast in their support for Speaker Among, demonstrating their resolve to defend their cultural and national values against perceived external threats.

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