WePlanet Africa marks Earth Day with Plastic Cleaning, Tree Planting in Kampala

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WePlanet Africa marks Earth Day with Plastic Cleaning, Tree Planting in Kampala
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In celebration of Earth Day, WePlanet Africa, a grassroots movement dedicated to tackling climate change, conducted a successful city clean-up exercise that included a collection of plastic bottles and a tree-planting event in Kasubi, the royal suburb of Kampala, Uganda.

The initiative, held in advance of this year’s theme ‘Plastic vs. Planet’, was aimed at raising awareness on the pressing issue of plastic pollution and its detrimental impact on the local ecosystem including clogging waterways, harming wildlife, and reducing soil fertility.

The event encompassed the manual removal of plastic waste and debris from various community sites, including roads and clogged drainage.

“The amount of plastic waste we collected in a short timeframe was eye-opening,” said Perez Mweine, WePlanet Africa’s Community mobiliser. “This demonstrated the pervasive nature of plastic pollution in our community and the urgent need to address this issue.”

During the exercise, polyethene, a common packaging material for food items in Uganda, was the predominant source of litter, exacerbating the problem.

In addition to the clean-up efforts, the event also involved a tree-planting initiative with the participation of pupils from St. Peter Claver Primary School in Mugema Zone, Kasubi.  According to Perez, the after-care of the trees was entrusted to the pupils in Class 5 in the school as part of the efforts to train a young generation of leaders to appreciate and take care of nature.

“Over the next three years, as these pupils progress through their primary education, they will nurture these trees, ensuring they mature and thrive in the environment. This initiative represents a step towards restoring biodiversity and greening the community,” Perez said.

“This tree-planting activity is not just about beautifying the environment. “It’s about investing in the future of our community and empowering the next generation of leaders to become stewards of our environment,” he said.

The plastic waste collected during the event was handed over to local garbage collectors, who will ensure its proper disposal with the authorities in the division. This collaborative effort underscores the significance of community involvement and the importance of responsible waste management in tackling the problem of plastic pollution.

“We are thrilled to have been a part of this impactful event,” said Perez. “By joining forces with local leaders and engaging the community, especially the youth, we are taking tangible steps towards creating a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable environment for all.”

The organization’s commitment to raising awareness and taking concrete actions reflects its dedication to preserving the planet for future generations.

“WePlanet Africa’s Earth Day initiative in Kampala, Uganda, serves as a powerful example of how community-driven efforts can make a meaningful difference in addressing the global challenge of plastic pollution,” says WePlanet Africa Director Patricia Nanteza.

The event drew 26 people among them leaders from the local community.


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