UPDF kills top ADF commander in DRC

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UPDF kills top ADF commander in DRC
Some of the items recovered from the ADF commander.

The UPDF in its joint operation with the Congolese army, FARDC have put out of action a top Allied Democratic Forces(ADF) commander Dr Musa who also served as the outfit’s medic.

Musa was killed on Monday by a joint mobile squad under the 83 battalion of the UPDF at Mugulumugulu near Tokomeka, 30km Northwest of Kainama.

“'Dr' Musa, who is of Rwandan origin at the time of his death, was operating closely with another notorious ADF commander called Muhammad Luminsa. The joint forces recovered one Sub Machine Gun (SMG) and one walkie-talkie,” Maj Bilal Katamba, the public information officer for Operation Shuja said.

He said the forces are currently involved in locating and neutralizing other group members who are still at large.

“The ADF has intensified the implanting of improvised explosive devices (IEDs). However, the joint forces' technical explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) teams are handling the IED threats.The joint forces continue to aggressively pursue the ADF remnants in their scattered hideouts in all four sectors of the operation,” Maj Katamba said.

The UPDF has in a joint operation code named ‘Shuja’ with the Congolese army of FARDC since December 2021 attacked ADF hideouts inside DRC.

A number of the groups’ fighters and commanders have either been killed in action or captured alive by the Ugandan army whereas several of the group’s camps have been destroyed.

Due to this heavy bombardment and ground attacks, ADF has on several occasions shifted its bases and extended inside DRC.

However, despite this disruption of their activities, the ADF has continued to cause havoc to Ugandans, especially in areas along and near the border with DRC.


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