Kabuleta's NEED party asks Opposition to focus on change of gov't

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The National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED) has advised sister opposition parties to focus more on changing the political leadership of Uganda than on internal matters.

This comes after the fresh uprising of money fights with National unity platform (NUP) party president Robert Kyagulanyi and his deputy Mathias Mpuuga over the a controversial Shs500 million service award.

Moses Matovu, the NEED spokesperson, told journalists at party headquarters in Lubaga on Monday that Opposition parties should put in mind that all that money is brought by one person to disorganise Opposition.

Matovu said Ugandans have waited for change for over 30 years but seeing the people trusted to bring it when fighting for money it discourages them.

He called on the parties to forgive one another and move forward work on issued concerning power change.

"What is going on in political parties is not good," said Matovu, whose party is headed by former journalist Joseph Kabuleta.

"The squabbles that are ongoing do not give hope to Ugandans seeking transition of government. And indeed the political controversies make the electorate lose hope in us and think we are worthless."

He called the Opposition to use the electioneering season that the country is approaching to strengthen their systems but not dividing ourselves.

"Even if there was misunderstandings in our parties, we should be handling in an appropriate manner and desist from confusing Ugandans," Matovu said.

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