Kabuleta's NEED party urges Museveni to engage in dialogue for a peaceful transition

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Kabuleta's NEED party urges Museveni to engage in dialogue for a peaceful transition
NEED party president Joseph Kabuleta | Courtesy

The National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED) party, led by Joseph Kabuleta, has called upon President Museveni and Ugandans, both within the country and abroad, to reflect on the current state of the nation in light of the principles established by Uganda's founding figures.

NEED party emphasizes the importance of upholding the vision of Uganda's independence heroes who fought for justice, equality, and unity.

In a statement, the NEED party celebrates the significant contributions of national heroes such as, Apollo Milton Obote, Sir Edward Muteesa, William Nadiope, and Kakyama A. Mayanja among others, who laid the foundations for a free and democratic Uganda.

NEED party's statement reads, "We acknowledge and celebrate the remarkable efforts of our ancestors who valiantly fought for the independence of our beloved country."

The party emphasises that the current state of affairs in Uganda significantly deviates from the dreams of these pioneers.

NEED party highlights several areas where the nation has strayed from the ideals of its independence heroes.

One major concern is the manipulation of the constitution, which has been altered to serve the interests of a select few rather than the collective will of the people.

The statement emphasises, "The constitution, the cornerstone of our democracy, has been twisted to favour a few instead of the collective will of the people."

These actions undermine the democratic principles that leaders like Bendicto Kiwanuka sacrificed their lives for.

Furthermore, the NEED party points out that regional governance, a core aspect of their ideology and a fundamental pillar for equitable development in post-colonial Uganda, remains unfulfilled.

They criticise the current administration for suppressing any discussion on regional governance and labelling those who advocate for it as enemies of the state.

"The promise of regional governance, at the heart of National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED) party's ideology and a pillar of our envisioned post-colonial Uganda, remains unfulfilled," the statement declares.

NEED party argues that regional governance is vital to ensure equal participation in governance and development for all parts of Uganda.

The party also draws attention to the principles of economic empowerment championed by Augustine Kamya, who advocated for the Africanization of trade and empowering Ugandan traders.

NEED party urges the nation to remember the constitutional principle that the exercise and enjoyment of rights are inseparable from the fulfilment of duties.

They assert, "One such duty is to uphold the integrity of our nation's governance. But how can we fulfil this duty when the very fabric of our democracy is being torn apart?"

NEED party criticises the current administration for manipulating electoral processes, eroding judicial independence, and suppressing free speech, viewing these as actions of a government that fears accountability.

They express a longing for a Uganda where power is shared, governance is transparent, and every citizen feels a sense of belonging.

"Consider this: manipulation of electoral processes, erosion of judicial independence, and suppression of free speech. These are not the actions of a government committed to the principles of our ancestors," the NEED party states.

NEED party poses a critical question to President Museveni and the citizens of Uganda: "Have we honoured their vision? Have we upheld their ideals?"

The party calls for a collective decision to either continue down the path of division, inequality, and authoritarianism or to reclaim the vision of Uganda's ancestors.

NEED party appeals to Museveni to participate in the dialogue for a peaceful transition, emphasizing that doing so would secure his legacy as a leader who prioritized the well-being of the nation over personal interests.

"By embracing this historic moment, you can secure your legacy as a leader who prioritized the well-being of the nation over personal interests," the NEED party urges.

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