Prof Ogenga Latigo calls for new approach in war against corruption

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Prof Ogenga Latigo calls for new approach in war against corruption
Prof.Ogenga Latigo.

Former Leader of Opposition in parliament, Prof. Ogenga Latigo has underscored the need for president Yoweri Museveni to build new transparent systems at all levels to deal with corruption that has become a common phenomenon.

Latigo asserts that the current level of corruption in Museveni's  administration is too big to sweep individual leaders.

Following President Museveni's latest reveal to crash corrupt leaders who sabotage the economy and service delivery, Prof.Latigo,  says, getting rid of leaders who involve in corrupt scandals  is getting rid of  Museveni's entire administration.

"It is too big for him. When you go to my district of Agago, you will find money for roads has been diverted by district officials and leaders, contracts are given that are not completed and it is in every district and every subcounty in Uganda. So, we need a new beginning if you want talk to everybody in this country, talk to the opposition, call the national dialogue on corruption," Latigo said.

Latigo says it is too late to fight corruption considering the current framework of the NRM leadership.

John Musala, the member of Parliament for Bubulo East county says the president should carry out an audit of all institutions to curb bad technical people at all levels.

He however, says it's everyone's responsibility to fight corruption.

"Our degenerated state is not because of Museveni, we have gone through these dictatorships in the 1970s, 1980s and even in the 1990s and we know where we have come from. We must put right ourselves and beginning with you young people," Musala said.

With numerous corruption scandals involving prominent political leaders who have gone unpunished, Latigo says the president is reading in the book of Lamentations.

"Give us one good example and everyone will learn from it. You know Jerry Rawlings and when he took over power in Ghana! He picked all those politicians, took them to the beach and shot them and it changed things in Ghana," Latigo said.

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