Mum Vs Wife: MultiChoice Uganda premieres new reality show

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Mum Vs Wife: MultiChoice Uganda premieres new reality show
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MultiChoice Uganda has once again expanded its rich bouquet of entertainment by premiering an

electrifying new reality show, Mum Vs Wife.

Hosted by Robina Mulera Mbabazi, aka Bina Baibe , Mum Vs Wife is a unique culinary competition that pits the traditional cooking wisdom of mothers against the innovative approaches of wives.

As they wield their spoons and spatulas in the kitchen arena, the show promises a tantalizing clash of generations, recipes, and cooking styles.

The question remains: Will the time-tested techniques of mothers triumph, or will the contemporary flair of wives claim victory?

Rinaldi Jamugisa, PR and Communications Manager at MultiChoice Uganda highlighted the company’s commitment to showcasing African stories.

“As Africa’s most-loved storyteller, Our hyper-local strategy is all about delivering world-class entertainment that is not only relatable

but also celebrates the societal and cultural nuances unique to Africa,” Jamugisa stated.

“Mum vs wife is a testament to our investment in content that resonates with our viewers’ lives and experiences.”

Building on the success of a diverse array of popular shows on Pearl Magic Prime, including DamaLie, JDC, Beloved, Sanyu, Kampala Crème, and Beyond the Aisle, among others, Mum vs. Wife is poised to become the latest jewel in the crown.

Officials said this addition underscores MultiChoice’s unwavering commitment to delivering content that deeply resonates with the

daily lives and cultural realities of its audience.

“Our platforms, Pearl Magic Prime and Pearl Magic, currently boast an impressive roster of over 20 captivating shows. This rich selection ensures that our viewers will always find something they love to watch, keeping them entertained and engaged. Mum vs. Wife, with its unique premise and relatable content, is set to be a standout hit, further enriching our viewers’ experience and further cementing MultiChoice’s place as Africa’s most-loved storyteller," Jamugisa said.

Jerry Sesanga, the creative face behind Mum Vs Wife, shared insights into the concept and what viewers can anticipate.

“Adapting the show for Uganda, following its success in countries like Kenya and Zambia, we aimed to offer something uniquely authentic and of unparalleled quality. Despite challenges in casting and language barriers, the show has triumphed, offering a raw and

genuine experience that will undoubtedly thrill and delight Ugandan viewers.”

Sesanga, known for his hit work on Pearl Magic Prime like The Lions of Buganda and Tales of Our Times, emphasized the meticulous efforts to ensure top-notch quality in visuals, sound, and overall production.

“Throughout the casting and filming process, we dedicated considerable effort to carefully selecting participants for the show, aiming to strike the right balance in the kind of personalities featured. This show stands apart from anything else in Uganda, and we are committed to

providing our viewers with the highest quality content.”

Commenting on the expected reception of Mum Vs Wife, Jamugisa expressed enthusiasm about the show’s potential to redefine family entertainment.

“We are introducing a fresh perspective to competitive and engaging family shows. Mum Vs Wife is set to captivate audiences with its

humor, intensity, and down-to-earth representation of family dynamics in Uganda.”

“As a brand, we aim to challenge the status quo by offering our viewers a glimpse into real-life events that are often not portrayed on television. We invite our audience to brace themselves for a show that is not only humorous and bursting with energy but also profoundly authentic.”

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