Mike Kayihura, Don Julio shine at the inaugural Mics of Kampala edition

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Mike Kayihura, Don Julio shine at the inaugural Mics of Kampala edition
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The first edition of the highly anticipated Mics of Kampala event, held on Friday, May 25 at Club Guvnor, exceeded all expectations and established an impressive standard for live music performances in Kampala.

Headlined by the immensely talented Mike Kayihura and sponsored by the renowned Don Julio Tequila, the night truly lived up to its billing.

Mics of Kampala is a special event dedicated to celebrating artists with exceptional vocal abilities who captivate audiences.

Taking the stage at 1 am, Kayihura immediately mesmerized the crowd. His live singing performance was nothing short of a masterclass as he flawlessly delivered his most beloved songs, including the captivating collaboration "Elevated" with Ugandan star Azawi, along with "Jaribu," "My Only Baby," "Kante," "Tuza," and "Anytime."

Kayihura's connection with the audience was undeniable, with all cameras and eyes fixed on him, capturing every moment of his enchanting performance.

As he concluded his set, the tall Rwandan star expressed his gratitude to his Ugandan fans, saying, "Thank you all for coming out tonight. I have immense love for Uganda and I hope you enjoyed the show."

His seamless interaction with the crowd and his ability to evoke strong emotions through his music made it evident why Nduguz Culture chose him as the headliner for this special event.

"We went all the way to Rwanda to discover this gem because he is an extraordinary performer. We are here to celebrate culture, fashion, and people who appreciate the same kind of music. There is no better place to do it than East Africa's number one night spot, alongside the newest don in town—Don Julio," said Sammy Wetala, Director at Nduguz Culture.

Despite being in the Ugandan market for only a few months, Don Julio Tequila has seamlessly integrated into Kampala's vibrant nightlife.

Its partnership with the Mics of Kla event not only showcased the brand's commitment to celebrating music and culture but also reinforced its status as the premium choice for those seeking the distinctive Don Julio experience.

"Tonight marks the beginning of many more amazing nights like this one. This is the perfect time to be in such spaces. The event not only emphasizes Don Julio's dedication to celebrating music and culture but also strengthens our position as the premium choice for those seeking an exceptional party experience," said Simon Lapyem, the Brand Manager of Don Julio.

Following Kayihura's remarkable performance, DJs Etania and Ssese took over the turntables, ensuring the party continued well into the early hours of Saturday morning.

The Mics of Kla event started on a high note and set the bar for future unforgettable parties organized by Nduguz Culture and Don Julio.

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