Kampala flyover construction and road upgrading stand at 93% - UNRA Boss Kagina tells Cosase.

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Kampala flyover construction and road upgrading stand at 93% - UNRA Boss Kagina tells Cosase.
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The Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) navigated a year of mixed results in the 2022/2023 financial year. While exceeding their revenue target by a significant margin, their flagship Kampala flyover project faced delays.

UNRA initially set a revenue collection goal of 2.0496 billion Ugandan shillings. However, they surpassed expectations, bringing in a whopping 2.736 billion shillings - a remarkable 133% performance. This impressive financial outcome stemmed from an unanticipated surge in underground cable installations by telecom companies on UNRA's road reserves. These installations triggered a rise in non-tax revenue, exceeding budgeted projections.

However, the news wasn't all positive. The highly anticipated Kampala flyover and road upgrade project encountered multiple roadblocks, causing delays in its completion. The original target date of August 14th, 2023, came and went with the project still ongoing.

UNRA officials, appearing before the Parliamentary Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE), attributed the delays to several factors. The contractor's struggle to adequately mobilize resources played a significant role. Additionally, inclement weather conditions hampered progress.

Another contributing factor was the subcontracting of tasks to local firms with limited capabilities. These companies lacked the necessary resources and expertise to effectively contribute to the project's timely completion. Finally, UNRA acknowledged shortcomings in the project's initial planning, which may have underestimated the complexity of the undertaking.

Despite the delays, positive strides have been made. As of the report, the project stands at 93% complete. Major construction works, like road widening, pedestrian bridges, and underpasses, have been finalized and opened to the public.

The remaining tasks are considered ancillary and primarily focus on aesthetics and functionality. These include installing streetlights, paving walkways, setting up traffic signals, and adding guardrails. UNRA officials assured the committee that these finishing touches are ongoing.

The UNRA's 2022/2023 financial year serves as a case study in both success and areas for improvement. While exceeding their revenue goals showcases their financial prowess, the delay in the Kampala flyover project highlights the importance of thorough planning, resource allocation, and selecting capable contractors. The project's eventual completion, however, will significantly improve traffic flow and urban development in Kampala.

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