Uganda Strengthens Cyber Security Ties with Estonia

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Uganda Strengthens Cyber Security Ties with Estonia
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Uganda has forged a strategic partnership with Estonia with the Ministry of Information, Communication, Technology and National Guidance has inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Government of Estonia, aimed at bolstering Uganda's digital resilience and combating cybercrime.

The collaboration, announced during a visit by a delegation of Estonian officials to the National ICT Innovation Hub in Nakawa, according to Dr Amina Zawedde, the ministry's Permanent Secretary, signifies a step in Uganda's journey towards a secure and thriving digital economy.

Dr Aminah Zawedde, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of ICT, hailed Estonia's renowned expertise in cyber security as a significant asset in Uganda's digital transformation agenda.

"Uganda's partnership with Estonia marks a milestone in our efforts to safeguard our digital infrastructure and advance our digitization agenda," remarked Dr Zawedde.

"Estonia's invaluable experience and proficiency in cyber security will undoubtedly bolster our capabilities in combating cyber threats and fostering a secure digital ecosystem," she added.

The delegation from Estonia, led by Kair-Saar, Director General of the Department of Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid, expressed unwavering support for Uganda's endeavours to enhance its cyber security posture.

"Estonia is committed to standing shoulder to shoulder with Uganda in its quest for a resilient digital ecosystem," affirmed Saar.

"Through collaborative efforts and knowledge exchange, we aim to empower Uganda to effectively mitigate cyber risks and harness the full potential of digital technologies."

Girisch Nair, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Estonia, emphasized the importance of international cooperation in addressing the global scourge of cybercrime.

"The partnership between Uganda and Estonia exemplifies the power of collaboration in tackling the pervasive threat of cybercrime," stated Nair.

"By joining forces, we can collectively strengthen our defences and safeguard the digital future of our nations."

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