FDC in Turmoil: Funeral Erupts in Violence

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FDC in Turmoil: Funeral Erupts in Violence
Apprentice dares master

Uganda's leading opposition party, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), is grappling with a deep rift after a violent clash erupted at the funeral of a party loyalist, Sarah Eperu. The incident exposes the simmering tensions between the two main factions within the FDC: the Najjanankumbi wing led by Patrick Oboi Amuriat and the Katonga group associated with Dr. Kizza Besigye.

Blame Game Takes Center Stage:

Amuriat wasted no time in pointing fingers, accusing Besigye's faction of inciting violence and showing a shocking lack of respect towards mourners. He claims their security personnel disrupted the sanctity of the Catholic mass and verbally abused attendees. Furthermore, he criticizes Besigye for politicizing the event and launching personal attacks on Najjanakumbi leaders.

A Call for Unity:

Amuriat urges Besigye to abandon violence as a political tool and refocus their collective efforts on their primary objective: challenging the current government. He questions the motives of Besigye's group, hinting at the possibility of "selfish interests" at play. Despite the acrimony, Amuriat extends an olive branch, expressing openness to dialogue "without conditions."

A Party Divided:

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the deep divisions plaguing the FDC. A fractured opposition party significantly weakens its political clout. The accusations point to a complete breakdown of communication and mutual respect between the factions.

The Road Ahead:

The FDC's future hinges on their ability to overcome these internal conflicts and present a united front. As proposed by Amuriat, open and honest dialogue could be the first step towards healing the rift.

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