Sheila Gashumba says it's over with Rickman

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Sheila Gashumba says it's over with Rickman
Sheilah Gashumba and Rickman painted Kampala in bliss for nearly three years

Sheilah Gashumba says it is over with Rickman after nearly three years of painting the Kampala in blissful romance

SOCIETY | Socialite Sheila Gashumba has called time on her romantic affair with Derrick Ddungu, commonly known as Rickman Manrick.

Their journey together was filled with love, laughter, and personal growth, but they have now mutually agreed to part ways, Sheila said in a statement obtained by the Nile Post.

"We have reached a mutual decision to respectfully go our separate ways, understanding that our paths diverge," Sheila shared.

Reflecting on their time together, Sheila expressed gratitude for the experiences they shared.

"We are grateful for the beautiful moments we have cherished together," she said.

In light of this new chapter in her life, Sheila has requested privacy as she focuses on personal growth, career aspirations, and nurturing meaningful friendships.

"I am currently single and not actively seeking a new relationship. My primary focus is on personal growth and pursuing my career goals," she clarified.

One of the pictures that haunted Sheila's father Frank Gashumba

She extended her appreciation to their fans and followers for their understanding and support during this transitional period.

The former lovebirds, who had a widely publicised and mostly joyous relationship, is parting ways after spending three years together.

Earlier this year, there were discussions about the possibility of taking their relationship to the next level.

However, the specific reasons for their separation were not disclosed in the statement shared online.

Their relationship faced early criticism from the public, including Sheila's father, Frank Gashumba, who once raved about Sheila's boyfriend being broke and dependent on her while moving about looking like warlord Joseph Kony.

In a leaked voice note last year, Mr Gashumba revealed how her daughter Sheila doesn’t respect or listen to her.

“She doesn’t respect or listen to me. I have given her everything but that is how she has turned out. She is wasting away her youth,” he said.

Mr Gashumba said Sheila introduced to him a boyfriend that looked disheveled.

“One day they found me at a restaurant in Nsambya, he was with that rascal and his father, he had pierced ears and a nose, and was wearing Kony’s hairstyle. You bring such people to me, Gashumba? Even if I’m dead,” he raved.

Prior to her involvement with Rickman, Sheila dated socialite Ali Marcus Lwanga, also known as God's Plan, who had children from a previous marriage.

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