Political interference hindering IGG's fight against corruption- report

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Political interference hindering IGG's fight against corruption- report
IGG Beti Kamya | Courtesy

Stake holders in the fight against corruption have highlighted political interference as one of the major factors that have failed the office of the IGG from carrying out high profile investigations and eventually prosecuting them.

Although the IGG, Beti Kamya announced the country loses up to a tune of over shs10 trillion to corruption, there are no clear figures that have been prosecuted as a result

The office of the IGG is among the major government institutions established to investigate corruption among government officials and other members of the public.

But many continue to question its capacity to investigate especially high profile cases that involve government officials.

There is a belief this office has been deliberately weakened to fail their operations.

"Betty Kamya had come with a lot of energy only for president Museveni to stop her," says David Kabanda, the secretary general PLU

Previously officials like  the vice president and a few ministers have been investigated.

There are  however no clear records to show big cases  that the current IGG has investigated and stake holders attribute this to protection of many of the corrupt officials

Prominent policy analyst Yusuf Sserenkuma says, "when they start arresting, the question we ask is who has this annoyed. They only arrest those who have annoyed some leaders".

According to David Kabanda, in  some of these high profile cases, the IGG is not even allowed to start the investigations.

Kamya who upon taking office vowed to bite hard through life style audit was told to go slow on corrupt officials by president Museveni.

The president reasoned that this would stop the corruption from investing in Uganda.

"We will touch the untouchables," vowed Betty Kamya only for the president to ask to "go slow on these officials".

"The good thing is these are corrupt only here. They steal and make investments here," said  Museveni.


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