What it takes to build a house in Uganda today

It is a dream for every Ugandan to build or own a house. However, to build one, there are things that you must have in place.

We have put together this guide to assist you in understanding what it takes to build a house in Uganda.

Have a plot of Land

Before planning to build, you need to have a plot of land where you are to set up your house.

For someone buying a plot of land for the first time, it is important to note that purchasing prices vary depending on locality. For instance , to buy a 50 X 100 plot of land in a radius of 25Km from Kampala city centre, it costs you about Shs8M. Within Kampala Metropolitan, the price might go as high as Shs50M.

Purchasing materials

Once you have purchased land, the next thing on ladder is buying building materials. It is advisable to buy all materials at once to minimise costs. For someone building a two-bedroom house, you need about 2,400 bricks, about 80 bags of cement and iron sheets which might cost you about Shs700,000.

Other materials required include; hardcore stones, ceiling wire mesh, doors, windows, aggregate concrete and sand.

Foundation layout

Foundation layout is a very crucial stage in building your house as it distributes the weight of your house to prevent the plot’s subsoil from spreading.

Once you have done all the excavation and have all the materials in place, next should be laying out the foundation. There are two main types of foundations; shallow and deep.


Roofing is the framing made of structural elements like timber, iron sheets, slabs, trusses. Most of the roofs are built with timber because it is relatively cheaper (costs around Shs800,000). You would also need nails, which would cost you about Shs35,000.

Completion stage

Once you have done all the roofing. The exterior walls should go up first, followed by floor systems and lastly the roof rafters.

The next stage is locking up the building. To do this, you will need walls, windows, and doors. Last will will be painting. After that, you will be good to enter your house.

Next Media CEO Kin Kariisa (right) with Lt. Col Edith Nakalema at the last Housing Baraza

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