For a rough budget of Shs18m, you can construct 1 bedroomed house, with kitchen and dining

Nile Post has been offering options for readers who have an interest in building homes, and our main focus is always on that reader with a dream to own a property of their own, with even low income.

Today, I partnership with DÉCOR Design Constructors (DCC), we would like to review a house plan for one bedroomed house, with a kitchen, dining and still achieve the decency of the house you dream of with your income.

A small house plan with one bedroom and one bathroom could be the way to go. The house will have a living room that opens to the dining and kitchen.

According to DCC, this house pan can be built in a lot in as little as 75 sq.m. with a frontage width of 7.5 meters.

“Small house plans generally caters families with a small budget since the total floor area is only 36.6 sq.m.”

Sometimes, realizing your dream home does not really require you to go big, you may only need a house tailored to your needs at that particular time.

“There is not much to describe in this house plan due to its simplicity and small area. Having a small lot area, this house plan can be a good choice or an alternative design caters or intended mostly for low earning class. The important thing is that lot owners have a decent place to live and realize their dream of having their own house,” DCC states.

According to estimated costs by DCC, such a house would require between Shs15.18m for a rough finish, and about Shs20-24m for a semi-finished budget.

However, for one who wants to have it finished elegantly,  they would have to part with between Shs30-35millions in estimates.

The House Plan Details

Bedrooms: 1

Bathrooms: 1

Floor Area: 37 sq.m.

Lot Size: 75 sq.m.

Estimated cost range in Ugandan Shillings: Total Floor Area (in sq.m.) 37 Rough Finished Budget: 15-18m Semi Finished Budget: 20-24M Conservatively Finished Budget: 25-28M Elegantly Finished Budget 30-35M

If you want to start

In case someone wants to start the construction, DCC can help you construct the house for you and handover the keys on finishing.

“An initial meeting is scheduled with us, where we will discuss your overall desires, budget and vision for your home. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to learn more about you, your family and your lifestyle - which gives us extra insight on how we can design a home that you will love! Prior to starting any design, we will want to know whether construction on the site is viable,” they told Nile Post.

The team claims they will carry out an extensive site analysis [or context analysis] to assess whether development is financially feasible and establish parameters to implement the best design that responds to the physical and environmental features of the site.

A contextual analysis is a research activity that looks at the existing conditions of a project site, along with any imminent or potential future conditions.

The purpose is to inform the project handlers about a site prior to the start of the design process so that the initial design thinking about a site can incorporate considered responses to the external conditions.

An architectural and engineer site analysis will look at issues such as site location, size, topography, zoning, traffic conditions, and climate.

The analysis also needs to consider any future developments, or changes to the site's surroundings, such as a change of road designations, changing cultural patterns, or other significant building developments within the area.

“Understanding the context of a site is key to enabling the designer to weave the new design in with the existing fabric of the site. It allows us to understand the existing opportunities, or problems in a site, and make informed decisions,” DCC says.

Where to go

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