Health workers to be rewarded based on performance

The Ministry of Health plans to use a results based policy financing approach to implement the National Health Insurance Scheme.

According to Dr Sarah Byakika, a commissioner in the ministry, they have now adapted the programme as a foundation especially in the fourth coming national health insurance scheme where health workers will only earn from insurance funds depending on the quality of services they offer.

"What this project has demonstrated is actually that results-based financing approach can work in terms of improving efficiency, in terms of improving quality and also equity,"she said.

She noted that the ministry is in the process of scaling up the results based financing approach in all the districts in Uganda.

Byakika said they are adapting the foundation of other financing mechanisms.

"We are actually adapting it as a foundation for other financing mechanisms like the national health insurance because the principles for results-based financing approach are exactly the same principles that are under same insurance,"she said.

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