IAA engages health service providers on industry challenges

Since its inception in 2010, IAA has been hosting annual workshop with its affiliated health service providers to act as a platform to communicate the new work processes, engage them on issues that are pertinent for a better client experience and current industry challenges.

Speaking at the event at African hotel, Herbert Mukoza, the IAA General Manager said the workshop is a forum that where IAA not only communicates its concerns but also provides  a forum to listen to the challenges that health service providers face.

Currently IAA has a network of 160 Affiliated Health Service Providers serving over 60,000 of our corporate clients across the country,

This represents 24% of the health insurance market.

.“With over 18 years in the Ugandan market, we managed to develop and work with the largest network of health service providers and facilities in the Country. We have dedicated this day to appreciate and recognise them for being our loyal partners and backbone of the insurance business,” Mukoza said.

He said they shall be rewarding some health service providers based on different claims parameters such as; compliance in the use of smart (billing system), timely claims submission, ethical practice, client preference and loyalty.

Andre Ackerman, the CEO of the International Medical Group said IAA is committed to leading the insurance sector in offering the most affordable health insurance solutions in partnership with you.

He said: “We have revamped and significantly upgraded the International Hospital Kampala up to a tune of Shs 4.5 billion in new equipment and advanced technology installed in critical areas."

Ackerman emphasised that the insurance market has changed over the years and insured clients increasingly have more power and more choices on which particular facility they wish to receive their treatment from. Health service providers also share in this challenge of attracting them to their facilities.

Fraud continues to be a real challenge for insurance companies with both healthcare services and clients involved in the malpractices.

"This is a big detriment to the growth of the health insurance industry and IAA has developed new technology, strategies and policy to curb the issue," he said.

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