IAA initiates workplace wellness programmes

International Air Ambulance (IAA) yesterday met with human resource managers from various organisations  to discuss the current healthcare trends and medical specialist capacity in the country with a view of partnering with them to implement workplace wellness programmes.

The programme is under the theme “Making IAA Synergies work for you”.

Herbert Mukoza, IAA general manager while speaking at the dialogue said, IAA healthcare is the leading Health Management Organization (HMOs) in Uganda and choosing IAA as their insurer enables employees have access to an integrated healthcare system while benefiting from the IAA synergies.

“With over 17 years in the Ugandan market, we have developed the largest network of health care providers and facilities in the Country. Our healthcare scheme is serviced by our own Hospital (IHK) and 16 IMC clinic’s network strategically spread across the country plus over 180 affiliate clinics and hospitals” said Mukoza.

Mukoza said, taking up the IAA healthcare insurance means a countrywide access to high quality services and facilities thus you are buying more than just healthcare insurance but also you access specialist doctors/treatment with the expertise to handle any health complications or risks.

“We are going to partner with the clients we serve and initiate workplace wellness programs to enable them attain greater productivity for staff, reduction in work related ill-health and injuries, decrease in absenteeism and staff turnover and also ensure a healthier environment for staff," Mukoza emphasised.

Andre Ackerman, the CEO of the International Medical Group the parent company of IAA added that: “IMG's primary objective is to provide the best healthcare service and to always stay at the fore front of bringing medical technology & expertise to their areas of operation.”


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