Prudential Uganda enhances community well-being in Mbarara city.

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Prudential Uganda enhances community well-being  in Mbarara city.
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The Prudential Assurance Uganda has launched two significant community initiatives as part of their Prudent Cities program in Mbarara city, which is Prudent Kyoto event and the renovation of the children's ward at Holy Innocents Children's Hospital.

In a move reflecting their commitment to community service, Prudential Assurance Uganda has refurbished the children's ward at Holy Innocents Children's Hospital. The initiative included painting the ward and distributing toys to young patients, aiming to improve the health and well-being of children in Uganda.

"Our CSR activity at Holy Innocents Children's Hospital is a testament to our commitment to making a positive impact in the communities we serve," stated Peter Andrew Mugarura.

The Prudent Kyoto event is inspired by the traditional African fireplace "Kyoto," aimed to foster community spirit and provide practical advice for personal and financial growth. The event was themed "Can We Talk” practical approach to personal growth which included discussions on life challenges and financial planning.

"We created the Prudent Kyoto event to provide a space where individuals can come together, share experiences, and gain valuable insights into building a stable financial future," said Peter Mugarura.

The guest speaker Patrick Muhereza, a renowned Catalytic Thought Leader, shared his expertise on personal and financial growth, encouraging attendees to build a resilient foundation for their future.

Muhereza emphasized, personal growth is not just about reaching your goals, but about building a foundation that can withstand life's challenges. The Prudent Kyoto event provided a unique platform for meaningful conversations and practical advice.

These initiatives are part of Prudential Assurance Uganda's broader "Future Yo" campaign, which focuses on the importance of financial planning and protection. As part of this campaign, the Prudent Life Plan was introduced, offering unique benefits and comprehensive coverage to policyholders.

"The 'Future Yo' campaign is designed to help our clients secure their future and that of their families," Peter Mugarura explained.

However Prudential Assurance Uganda Limited is a subsidiary of Prudential plc, which provides life and health insurance and asset management services across 23 markets in Asia and Africa.

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