C-Care wins excellence award

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C-Care wins excellence award
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C-Care, one of Uganda’s private health care providers, has won the excellence Caring Life Family Award -Africa, for its innovative sustainability initiative branded 'One life one tree. '

The excellence award, was handed over to C-Care Uganda by Caring Life Family Award in Egypt.

“I am glad to announce that this One Life One Tree initiative got us awarded the excellence award for sustainability in the Caring Life Family Award- Africa that recognizes hospitals in Africa for innovative projects that are set to improve sustainability, cost efficiency, patient experience,

quality and safety. C-Care received the award from Caring Life Award in Cairo, Egypt

last week," said Dr. Miriam Mutero Musinga, the General Manager, C-Care IHK .

Through the 'One life one tree initiative, C-Care celebrates every baby that is born at C-Care IHK Hospital, by planting a tree and then issuing a tree planting certificate to the child that is associated with the tree.

With the help of technology, parents can track the growth of this tree via GPS coordinates.

This initiative is organised as part of C-Care’s efforts to conserve the environment and earth. Under the theme ' One life, one tree: Nurturing a greener future at C-Care, and so far 2000 trees have

been planted per year.

Dr. Musinga appreciated the efforts of the C-Care team and parents that made the winning of the award possible.

“I extend my sincere gratitude to the staff of C-Care that have made One life one tree a success and for working hard to see that such initiatives are in existence and involve so many people who have the vision of changing the world,” she said.

She also encouraged several other entities in Uganda to participate in activities that live a positive impact on the people.

“Furthermore, I extend our sincere appreciation to all the mothers of the children who are part of this noble cause for their support and trusting C-Care as their ideal hospital for bearing their beautiful children."

Azhar Sundhoo, the Chief Executive Officer at C-Care Uganda, said, “This initiative is very dear to us as C-Care and has enabled us to give back to the community with the aim of conserving and preserving the environment while commemorating and celebrating the birth of the new babies here at C-Care. With every tree that is planted, we believe that we are adding to the conservation of a Uganda that we want to see and leave for the next generation."

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