Turkish healthcare group Acibadem expands wings by opening first information office in Kampala

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Turkish healthcare group Acibadem  expands wings by opening first information office in Kampala
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In a bid to enhance international healthcare collaboration, Acibadem Healthcare Group, a leading medical entity in Turkey, launched its first information office in Kampala.

The event, held at Acacia Mall, marked the 61st such office established globally by the healthcare group.

While speaking at the launch, Ilyas Benveniste, the Director of International Business Development highlighted the advanced services offered by Acibadem hospitals highlighted their cutting-edge technology and trained medical teams.

"We ensure patients receive the highest quality of care every step of their journey. Acibadem harnesses the power of medical technology to offer cutting-edge healthcare solutions," Benveniste said.

"With international patient services and collaborations with leading healthcare institutions worldwide, Acibadem welcomes patients from across the globe."

Benveniste hinted at  exchange programs between Uganda and Turkiye, especially for medical professionals, as a way of developing each country's capacity.

He explained that the coming of Acibadem will help complement treatment which is not currently available in Uganda and patients have to fly to Europe.

"We are providing an option for Ugandans to get super specialised treatment in Turkiye and we are cost saving compared to European countries," Benveniste said.

He revealed that Acibadem currently has 61 health points globally, spanning 33 countries and 57 cities. Among these, there are 39 locations for hospitals and outpatient clinics, distributed across 5 countries, comprising 24 hospitals and 15 outpatient clinics..

Dr. Jackson Abusu Ojera, the country representative for  Acibadem in Uganda, stated that they are  in the country  to support, complement, and supplement government efforts in the delivery of healthcare services.

He explained that Acibadem coming to Uganda is a milestone in consolidating collaboration with Uganda and it will help in upskilling of Ugandan healthcare workers.

"The collaboration will include but not limited to  among other things, referrals of patients and clients to Acibadem hospitals in Turkiye, capacity building and upskilling of Ugandan healthcare workers," Dr. Ojera said.

Uganda's consul  in Istanbul, Levent Serdar Dervisoglu, said that in the near future other investors from Turkey will come to Uganda due to its convincing investment environment.

"Both countries have to be patient enough, because now Turkish companies are trying to understand the mechanism. This shows confidence in the country. What we know about Uganda is that it has a very good banking system, a very good lending mechanism and also there are no language barriers."

Mehmet Fatih Ak, Turkey’s Ambassador to Uganda, thanked the Ugandan government for providing the opportunity to be part of Uganda. He also expressed his willingness to invest in Uganda.

"The first step, of course, is to bring professionals from Turkey, and as long as we see that there is great potential in Uganda, we will be interested in investments" Ambassador Mehmet Fatih said.

Nasura Tiperu, the Ugandan Ambassador to Turkey, said the initiative is evidence of Uganda's increasing appeal for foreign investment. "This office will not only serve Uganda as a single country, but will be a coordination point for all the East African market.

“We will increase collaboration in the area of training. We will try to see how we can bring in those who are interested in putting up state-of-the-art health facilities.”

She hailed Acibadem healthcare group and the Consulate of the Republic of Uganda in Istanbul for considering Uganda and pledged full support from the government of Uganda.

About Acibadem

ACIBADEM commenced its healthcare services journey in 1991 as a small neighborhood hospital in a district of Istanbul, Turkey. Today, it stands as a super brand, recognized among the global leaders in healthcare, with 24 hospitals, 14 outpatient clinics, and support services companies.

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