Infrastructural breakdown forces management to abandon Entebbe Grade A hospital

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By Lawrence Mushabe 

Entebbe Grade A Hospital, which has long grappled with deteriorating conditions, has taken the bold step of relocating its services to the National Isolation Centre in Entebbe.

The move comes as the facility has struggled to provide adequate care for patients suffering from Rabies, Diabetes, HIV, and Tuberculosis (TB).

Entebbe Grade A hospital provides vital health services (Photo by Lawrence Mushabe)

Richard Tumwesigye, the administrator of Entebbe Grade A Hospital, explained that the decision to close the facility and relocate services was prompted by the deteriorating state of the hospital's buildings and the pressing need for more space.

"The buildings at Grade A, most of them are in a poor state; they need renovation, and there’s not enough space," Tumwesigye stated.

It has become risky to remain in Entebbe Grade A hospital

"As we recovered from Covid-19, the number of patients increased tremendously, and we couldn't serve them from that unsafe environment. So we needed more space to serve patients." He added.

Entebbe Grade A Hospital, originally constructed by the British colonial government in 1904 to serve the British community, was handed over to the Ugandan government after independence in 1962. Over the years, the facility has faced challenges related to its aging infrastructure.

Most of the roofing is caving in (Photo by Lawrence Mushabe)

The services that have been relocated to the National Isolation Centre include the TB clinic, mental health clinic, and the Diabetes Clinic, which has been moved to Entebbe Regional Referral Hospital (Grade B).

Richard emphasized that they are in discussions with the Ministry of Health to secure funding for the renovation and reconstruction of structures at the hospital.

"Most of the inconveniences have been due to a lack of space and, for infection control purposes, we are happy that we have finally relocated," he added.

Some of the hospital's aging structures have roof leaks, which have also affected neighboring buildings.

In an effort to address the space constraints, a structure that formerly served as a male toilet was repurposed into a storage facility for medical equipment and supplies.

The relocation of Entebbe Grade A Hospital underscores the urgent need for investment in healthcare infrastructure and facilities in the region. The move is expected to improve patient care and infection control measures while addressing the long-standing challenges associated with the hospital's aging infrastructure.

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