Health Ministry speaks out on current wave of flu, cough amid Covid fears

The Ministry of Health has broken the silence on the current wave of flu and cough among members of the public.

Several members of the public have of recent reports cases of cough and flu with some losing their voices.

The development has raised fears among the public, with many saying it could be a new Coronavirus wave.

However, according to the Health Ministry, there is no need for worry as the current wave is not Covid.

This trend is consistent with the seasonal influenza pattern that has two annual peaks that coincide with the rainy seasons. These happen in two seasons with two peaks,” the ministry said in a statement.

They said the first season is experienced between February and June, peaking in March

while the second season is August to November peaking in September.

“These peaks are attributed to the virus surviving because of humidity, precipitation frains and high populations interactions in urban areas.”

The ministry explained that the current wave is  characterized by a runny nose, headache and intermittent fevers, dry cough and general body weakness which  may persist for a couple of days before complete reduction.

“The commonly affected age groups include; under 5-year-old children, school going children and the elderly [60 years and above). About 2%  of individuals who get viral influenza may get severe respiratory disease. However, there is no record of any consistent increase in hospitalizations due to influenza.”

The development comes on the backdrop of the declaration by the World Health Organisation that Covid is no longer a global health emergency but noted this does not mean the end of the virus.


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