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Do you find it hard to fix yourself or family an easy breakfast? Something healthy, and keeps your tummy full till lunch time in that you avoid snacking in between? Come on in and let’s show you this simple breakfast recipe.

Easy Breakfast options

EGG SANDWICH. – Serves 2 people.

All we need is;

Four slices of bread (square shape is better). 3 hardboiled eggs. 2 pieces of carrots. 2 big onions. Some chili (optional). A handful of coriander leaves. Salt. Half a teaspoon of Black or white pepper powder. A tablespoon of mayonnaise.


Grate 2 boiled eggs in a bowl. Grate the 2 carrots in another bowl. Chop the onions. Chop the coriander.

In one big bowl, put the grated carrots.

Add the grated eggs.

Add the chopped onions and coriander. Then add some chopped chili (optional). Add salt and pepper powder (black or white) to taste.

Add a tablespoon of mayonnaise. Mix well, and put aside. This we shall call it our Egg and Vegetable mix

Get another boiled egg and cut it into half. Get a slice of bread, place one half of the boiled egg in the center of the bread slice.

Spread the egg and vegetable mix around the bread slice, leaving the half egg in the middle. Get another bread slice and place it on top.

Spread some butter or margarine on both sides of the bread toss. Do the same with the other half of the boiled egg and the 2 slices of bread.

Now put the sandwich on a frying pan (with no oil) placed on low fire and cook for one minute. Flip and cook the other side for another one minute on low flame.

Remove from the pan and slice into 2 halves. Enjoy with a cup of spiced black tea.

Kitchen hack 1:

Get rid of the smell of onions from your hands. Mix some lemon juice with tooth paste, and wash your hands with the mixture.

Cheers. Have a lovely Sunday.


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