Guinness Bright House June edition to serve fashion, art and music

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Guinness Bright House June edition to serve fashion, art and music
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Guinness Bright House, an immersive platform created by the premium beer brand Guinness to spotlight and support exceptional talents across various fields has announced the Fashion, Art, and Music edition of the Bright House, scheduled for June 29.

For any creative enthusiast, the upcoming Guinness Bright House edition promises an immersive platform to unleash creativity, art and music.

Roy Ronald Tumwizere, the Guinness brand manager, expressed his excitement about the forthcoming edition and highlighted why creatives should mark their calendars for this significant date.

"We have assembled a lineup of young, talented individuals excelling in fashion, music, and art," Tumwizere.

"Creatives passionate about these fields will have the opportunity to learn from, interact with, and potentially collaborate with these masters."

“I think I’m allowed to give you a sneak peek into our lineup. We have a master who will speak on Digital Art, a rising music producer who has been instrumental in the success of talents like Joshua Baraka, and a creative genius revolutionizing denim. This is an event you won’t want to miss,” he added.

The Guinness Bright House has become a beacon for cultural expression and artistic excellence, offering a platform for both established and emerging talents to showcase their work.

According to the organisers, this edition promises to be spectacular, following closely on the heels of the historic all-Black performance of Phantom of the Opera, which was a highlight of the Theater Edition of the Guinness Bright House.

The event will take place on June 29 at Garden City.

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