Tusker Lite Neon Rave lights up Mbarara

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Tusker Lite Neon Rave lights up Mbarara
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Friday night was Mbarara's turn to experience the immersive Tusker Light Neon Rave.

The venue, Soho Terrace could barely hold the numbers as party animals in the town flooded the place to witness the explosion of energy that usually comes with the rave.

As many may know, the heart and soul of any rave lies in its DJs, and the lineup for the Tusker Lite Neon Rave did not disappoint. DJ Roja, DJ Tonny, DJ Banx, DJ Red and Jeff DJ among many others, took to the stage and unleashed a shower of electrifying tunes that had the crowd in a frenzy.

Their seamless transitions and intuitive understanding of the crowd's vibe ensured that the dance floor remained packed throughout the night.

However, it was DJ Trizzy who stole the show with a set that had an epic dance-off amongst revelers. DJ Trizzy proved to the massive crowd that he was a maestro at tuning the perfect party mood.

He had a carefully curated playlist that included chart-toppers to classic anthems that resonated with the people of Mbarara.

From heart-pounding dance-offs to virtual reality games, the entertainment was endless, ensuring that revelers were fully immersed in the Tusker Lite Neon Rave experience.

Speaking about the event, Patience Aguti, Project Manager at UBL, expressed her delight at the success of the second edition of the rave in Mbarara.

"Tusker Lite has a reputation for delivering the ultimate lit experiences in Uganda, and that's precisely what we have delivered tonight. This event is not just about having a good time; it's about celebrating our unique individuality,” she said.

Dance Mamweta showed off her skills on the dance floor while Aine Derrick, MC Maritz, and Ariho Trevor were the perfect hosts of the event, keeping the crowd entertained and engaged throughout the night.

The Tusker Lite Neon Rave fever will continue to spread across Uganda, bringing its signature blend of music and energy to different towns across the country.

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