NGO announces countrywide one million man march against homosexuality

NGO announces countrywide one million man march against homosexuality
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The Family Life Network, an NGO dedicated to the re-installation of the moral code and values in the family institution and in Uganda has announced a one-million-man march around the country against homosexuality.

Addressing journalists on Saturday, Eng. Stephen Langa , the Executive Director for Family Life Network said in the build up to the march set for February next year, they have started collecting one million signatures as another way of making a statement against homosexuality and its proponents.

“The collection of signatures is in support of defending the family and the next generation. This will culminate in the one-million- member nationwide march. Since as parents, we have the God-given responsibility to protect our children from harmful vices like homosexuality and to raise them with values, morals and character that will enable them succeed in life, we take this attack on our nation with the seriousness it deserves,” Eng.Langa said.

Organised under the theme of defending the next generation, the Family Life Network ED said there is need to  keep the family set up intact and to this he said all Ugandans will be urged to join the march to make a statement about their stand known against homosexuality.

“We know that this vice has the potential to rob our children of their destiny and destroy their lives. We now therefore have no alternative but to make an appropriate parental and societal response to this very serious threat regarding the welfare and future of our families, children and nation. Therefore, in light of the existential threat that homosexuality presents to our motherland Uganda, we are calling on all Ugandans from all walks of life and stand united and conduct a countrywide million-member peaceful stand united and expressing our voice and position on this important matter, for the survival of our nation and future generations,” Eng.Langa said

He noted that the march will have religious leaders, cultural leaders, politicians, academia, lawyers, civil society and participants from all sectors in the country in a bid to galvanise support for the cause.

Eng.Langa however applauded President Museveni and Speaker Anita Among for their firm stand against homosexuality, noting that it is high time the country refused being bulldozed by the western world into accepting “sin.”

“We have noted with great concern the continuous pressure and threats by the international   community demanding that the Anti Homosexuality Act 2023 be dropped. We have also noted with disappointment the recent threats and intimidation by the World Bank, the exclusion of Uganda from the AGOA program of the USA government and the controversial EU-ACP Trade Agreement that wants to include homosexuality in the new trade agreement. We see that all these efforts are trying to arm-twist us as Ugandans to sell the priceless birthright of our cherished family, moral, cultural and religious values, for financial gains. Yet these things that the international community are promoting are the very things that destroy families and the next generation. We cant accept this.”

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