NRM secretariate concludes mobilization drive in Wakiso

Members of the NRM secretariate have concluded its mobilization drive in Wakiso district which was aimed at strengthening grassroots support.

Speaking during the last meeting with party leaders from Entebbe Municipality held at Botanical Gardens, the NRM director for communication, Emmanuel Dombo said it is high time leaders focused on service delivery other than politicking.

“When elections are done let all us come down to work for the people. I urge all elected leaders all over the country irrespective of our political affiliations to work for the people.The president has advised us to mobilise our people with interest. Let us not mobilise people who are poor. I therefore urge you leaders to advise our people to embrace government programmes. This is the only way our people will lift themselves out of poverty,” Dombo said.

He asked civil servants to ensure service delivery to the people as their role to ensure implementation of the NRM manifesto.

Dombo also called for unity of the NRM leaders as one of the ways that will ensure the ruling party reclaims its lost glory in Buganda.

“The NRM has to get back to the top in Buganda region but this will only happen when we are united as a party and we work as a team. NRM will only grow if we recruit new members from different parties but also retain our old members.”

He also noted that the NRM CEC will meet to get guidelines from the national party chairman on how to handle the issue of elections for the party league  wing since those holding the offices are above the youthful age.

“We are sorry as a secretariat for things that have not gone well. As a secretariat we have embarked on a mission to streamline our operations and avoid a repeat of acts that have negatively affected our party.”

The NRM vice chairperson for Central region, Godfrey Kiwanda Ssuubi said the ruling party lost in Buganda because of confusion within the party but noted this should never happen again.

“We have established that there is a lot of work that the government has done but we have few people explaining to our people these achievements. For example, Entebbe municipality has always been our constituency but we lost it as a result of divisions within our party. We now need to find ways to reclaim it back. This is the reason why the party secretariat has come up with these mobilisation meetings at the constituency level  early enough before the next general elections,” Kiwanda said.

“We lost elections in Buganda region due to the land wrangles that the people are facing, where land grabbers are evicting bona-fide land owners from their land. We therefore have to work as a team to fight land grabbing in our areas with the help of the RDC's office.”

He urged that the party ought to devise means of recruiting more youths into its ranks since they are the majority and this will further strengthen the party support.

“Youths make up the biggest percentage of the population in Uganda. So as leaders, let us engage with our children and grandchildren to join our mighty party.”

“ I urge you to have consensus on selecting our party flag bearers. This will help us to solve the problems that arise as a result of party primaries.”

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