Muhoozi's presidency in jeopardy if he misses 2026, warns Imam Kasozi

Muhoozi's presidency in jeopardy if he misses 2026, warns Imam Kasozi
Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba in Masaka

Imam Idd Kasozi, a lecturer and political analyst, believes that if Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba fails to secure the presidency in 2026, his prospects of assuming the role in the future will be greatly diminished.

Expressing his opinion on NBS Morning Breeze, Kasozi stated, "In my strong view, unless President Museveni is preparing Muhoozi for 2026, it is highly unlikely that he will become the President of Uganda after missing this opportunity."

Kasozi further explained that the political landscape and dynamics would significantly change by 2031.

"You would be surprised. Some people may not support him at that time," he added.

Recently, President Museveni reshuffled his cabinet and appointed Muhoozi as the new Chief of Defence Forces (CDF).

There have been speculations that this move is part of Museveni's plan to groom his son as his successor.

However, Kainerugaba has denied these claims, asserting that he has no intentions of pursuing the presidency.

Despite this, Kainerugaba has been organizing rallies across the country, which violates the law prohibiting serving army officers from engaging in partisan politics.

Nevertheless, he maintains that his activities, including the establishment of the nonpartisan activist group called the Patriotic League of Uganda, are not politically motivated.

There is speculation that the military might play a role in determining Museveni's successor.

Supporters of Kainerugaba argue that his rise to power could lead to a peaceful transfer of leadership in Uganda, potentially the first since the country gained independence in 1962. However, critics perceive his ascent as a step towards hereditary rule.

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