Former minister, retired judge accuse Jerome of snatching their wives


A former minister in President Museveni's government and a retired senior judge have accused a one Jerome of leading to the split of their marriages after they caught him red handed with their wives.

The accusations come on the heels of a video that circulated on social media in which a man accuses someone by the names of Jerome of having the courage to come into his bedroom and sleep on the bed he purchased with his hard earned money.

In the video, the man is seen asking Jerome to identify himself before going on to lament how he built the house brick by brick and how he bought the bedsheets Jerome was enjoying.

Upon seeing the video, the former minister rang The Rogue, saying that the Jerome in the video is the same man he caught with his wife at their country home in western Uganda.

The former minister said the incident happened five years ago.

"I had been summoned for a meeting with the president so I drove to Kampala. Unknown to me, as soon as I left, Jerome. What saved me is that some neighbours saw him and alerted me. I drove all the way to the village and found him snoring in my bed. My wife had just gone to the trading centre to pick a few things," said the former minister.

The former minister said he, too, confronted Jerome but the guy was just there, shy.

"Thats how is. He looks innocent but he is deadly when it comes to women," the ex-minister said.

He said he had forgiven him.

In a related development, a retired judge also revealed that someone who resembles "Jerome" had wrecked his marriage.

The judge said Jerome had taken advantage of his busy schedule to snatch his wife.

"You know us judges are always busy writing judgements, reading rulings. We have little time for family. So I think that is when he started wooing my wife. One time I found him feeling comfortable in my living room. to make matters worse, he was taking tea from my cup," the retired judge said.

At this rate, The Rogue believes Jerome would easily win the trophy of "wife snatcher of the year."

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