Ennaga, O.O to design course on truth-telling, ethics for public officers


Makerere University, Uganda's leading institution of higher learning, has appointed a renowned public officer, Ennaga, to lead the team that will design a course on Truth-telling and ethics for public and government officials.

The development, sources at the university told The Rouge, follows a realisation that many public servants in Uganda have resorted to telling lies as they conduct public duties. This, sources said, has tainted the image of many public institutions.

"We want Ennaga to lead the course because he has been exemplary and is vastly experienced," an official knowledgeable about the developments told The Rogue.

The course shall run for six months and will target 500 officials. It will be sheltered under the Ethics department at Makerere University.

For one to be admitted for the short course, they must undergo a lie-detector test and must commit to tell the truth at all times after the course. Those who score above 70% will be admitted.

According to the brochure announcing the course which we have seen, officers in the first week will be trained on "general communication skills."

It is in the second week that the course will get intense and more practical.

According to the course outline details, officers will be asked extricate themselves from tricky scenarios with their reputations intact.

In one of the scenarios, a security officer shoots his gun and injures people while trying to quell a demonstration. The public is angry and wants clear answers.

Officers will then be required to write a 2000-word course work explaining how they will defend the actions of the security officer while telling the public the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Sources said Ennaga will be assisted by other senior public officers including a one OO (O-fondle O-fondle), to fine tune the details of the course.

Upon completion of the course, the successful people will be given certificates.

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