"Prophit Monye" predicts: Bobi Wine, Museveni will each score 50%


Prophit Adamusca Monye, a prominent evangelist in Kampala has predicted that there will be no clear winner in the 2021 elections.

Uganda is currently in a throes of a tense filled presidential campaign that has pitted the incumbent, President Museveni of the NRM against Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine of the National Unity Platform.

NRM supporters believe that Museveni's re-election is a done deal and the country is just going through the motions by organising an election.

Conversely, Kyagulanyi's supporters are convinced that they already have the election in the bag. In fact one of his supporters has already made orders for new special uniforms to be worn on the day Kyagulanyi is sworn in.

However, a renowned prophit, Monye, has now put another spin on the election.

Prophit Monye, of Fake Church Ministries while preaching to his followers over the weekend said for the first time there will be no clear winner in this year's election.

The prophit said that he had got a vision while dreaming recently. In the vision, he says, God told him that since both candidates are popular, they will cancel out each other.

He said Museveni will emerge victor in Western Uganda and Karamoja while Kyagulanyi will take Buganda and most parts of Acholi sub region.

In the dream, Monye claims, God told him that government will deploy heavily on the streets of Kampala a few days to the election.

"Everywhere there is going to be presence of security people. That is what God told me in the dream," he said.

On election day, the Prophit Monye predicted that voters will not be allowed to hang around the polling station after casting their vote.

"Government officials and spokespersons, according to what God told me, are going to say that this could lead to further spread of Covid-19

To support these claims, Monye said the officials are going to point to the rising Covid-19 cases in some areas especially in central Uganda.

In the end, he said that both Museveni and Bobi Wine will score 50%, without any decimal points.

Asked who then will be declared president if the election produces no clear winner, Monye replied by giving an analogy.

"Have you ever played football? There is the referee and there are linesmen. Today, there is even VAR. These people can disallow a goal, some can award a penalty even after the game. But these referees are paid by some authority. In Uganda it is FUFA. So in the context of these elections whoever pays the referees will be declared winner," Monye said.

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