NUP flag bearers ask Bobi Wine to prevail over independent candidates


The National Unity Platform (NUP) members who have opted to contest as independents in the 2021 general elections are giving the party flag bearers a lot of headache.

The rift between NUP flag-bearers and the party members who were not selected during the vetting process has deepened and there are fears that this could affect the party's fortunes in the 2021 elections.

Some of the flag bearers told Nile Post that one of the biggest challenges they are more likely to face is the fact that some of the NUP members who are coming as independents have strong support base.

They expressed fear that if these independents are not tamed, they are going to split their votes hence causing a big loss to the party.

In a meeting with the party president Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine last week, some flag bearers asked him to prevail over the independents so that they can be given full support.

They asked Kyagulanyi to have a meeting with all the independents suggesting that an agreement should be reached to ensure victory for the flag bearers in forthcoming elections.

They said their decision to contest as independents has introduced the prospect of undermining official party flag bearers by attracting support which should have gone to them in their absence.

In his remarks, Kyagulanyi asked NUP members not to fight with one another adding that focus should be put on the the struggle.

"I want you to understand that we are have a lot to do.Those who are still fighting for the party ticket, this is not what we are fighting for. We are fighting to remove the dictator. Lets us work together to achieve the bigger dream,"he advised.

Many seasoned opposition politicians were dropped during the NUP vetting of the flag-bearers for the 2021 parliamentary elections in Kampala and in other elective positions.

They are; Michael Mabikke, Samuel Lubega Mukaaku, Kenneth Paul Kakande, Sulaiman Kidandala, Moses Kasibante and Emmanuel Ssempala Kigozi Ssajjalyabene.

Those who were dropped have since been nominated as NUP-leaning independent candidates in 2021 and have pledged to support Bobi Wine's presidential bid.




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