Ssekikubo: "Why we met President Museveni"


Lwemiyaga County MP, Theodore Ssekikubo, has said that they met President Museveni on July 16 because they wanted to know their standing in the party ahead of 2021 general election.

His comments come shortly after NRM Members of Parliament termed as "rebel MPs" met Museveni and sought forgiveness.

The group that includes Ssekikubo has opposed key party positions, like the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2017 among others.


But Ssekikubo said whereas people may see them as if they are making U-turn, they have never discarded their principles which made them to disagree with the party position on a number of issues.

"What we stand for is for the party to be inclusive whether we have divergent views, whether we have beliefs that are not in line with the party position,"he said.

"The bottom line should be.. we may disagree on one point but should that stop us from engaging in party activities? You don't abandon the struggle. You don't run away, you don't get lost, you continue engaging and hopefully it is the best way,"he said.

He said that at all levels, there are always differences in opinion and shortcomings but that does not mean that one should lose hope.

"Must people in those parties quit? Must we in NRM quit quit because we disagree on a particular point? The more we engage fellow party members for a common cause. Probably today you are the minority, tomorrow you may be the majority and that's what keeps us moving,"he said.

He said they are aware that reforming a system is a continuous process but that doesn't stop them from trying to make things different in the party.

"We have always been in NRM and as you are aware, we have been attending the National Executive Committee meeting, the delegates conference like we did early this year. What is there is the uneasiness that members have been experiencing together as opposed to the mainstream party,"he said.

"Members were saying yes we are going for primaries, how do we proceed? I think the meeting was to harmonise our position, our membership and our continuous participation in party activities,"he said.

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