Gov't team to inspect homes to ensure each person eats 250 grammes of posho per day



After President Museveni demonstrated to cabinet that it is possible for an individual to feed on 2.6 kilograms of posho meal for 10 days (or 250 grammes per day) , government plans to institute a team to inspect homes in Kampala and Wakiso to ensure that this directive is strictly adhered to.

In photos that made rounds on social media yesterday, Museveni said that after thorough research, he had discovered that a person can have 250 grams of posho per meal everyday.

For dramatic effect, the president weighed the posho and sliced it into pieces indicating what is enough for an individual.

As a result of this demonstration, The Rogue has learnt that cabinet agreed to set up a government team to regularly inspect homes to ensure that they follow Museveni's guidance on food rationing.

The team will focus on areas where government distributed Covid-19 relief food that is Kampala and Wakiso.

"We don't want any wastage because we are in a very trying period. We don't know when this Covid-19 thing will end so for the time being, we should use food minimally," said a senior government official who is put of the team.

We have been told that the measure has also been necessitated by the fact the relief food that was budgeted for the vulnerable groups during the Covid-19 lockdown is running out.

Two months after government started distributing food less than 50% of the vulnerable people have gotten the food infuriating many people.

The Rogue has been reliably informed that the team will move with a weighing scale, carefully measuring the amount of food that families serve.

They will also move with a cook/specialist whose technical knowledge will help them draw conclusions on whether a family is complying or not.

We have also been told that the inspections will be impromptu and will not be announced beforehand.

They will be carried out between 11.30 AM and 2.00 PM and households have been advised to prepare food from outside.

The Rogue has also been told that families will be requested to provide proof that they served the recommended rations.

Sources told The Rogue that the team is expected to commence work on Saturday May 23.

Those found to be complying with the food ration directive will be added more food whereas those who will flout the directive will be fined Shs 50,000.

The government team, which is expected to spend billions of shillings in fuel and allowances, will also involve security agencies, notably UPDF and local leaders to ensure total compliance.


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