Frank Tumwebaze: Opposition are liars, we shall defeat them


As Parliament prepares to debate the report on the age-limit bill, Frank Tumwebaze, the minister for Information and ICT has labelled opposition MPs as liars.

Featuring on NBS TV's flagship show, The Morning Breeze, Tumwebaze said opposition members had told several lies about the implications of amending the Constutition.

"They have called us rapists. If you say by touching the Constitution you are raping it? what is this? That is a naked a lie," Tumwebaze said.

He said the opposition are desperate and want to politicise every issue.

In some areas, he said the opposition had sponsored goons to intimidate those that support the proposal to amend the Constitution and lift the presidential age limit.

"It is high time we investedĀ  time in explaining and mobilising people to appreciate the economic progress the country has made. We are busy building roads, dams, railways," he said.

He said removing the age-limit cap shall benefit every Ugandan because it will widen the platform for political contest.




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