Exclusive: Trump signs off on list of Ugandan officials to face US sanctions


Last week, the United States imposed sanctions on former Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura and his immediate family for allegedly overseeing the violation of human rights when he served as police chief between 2005 and 2018.

Kayihura swiftly denied the accusations, saying he had not been given the right to be heard.

Kayihura's predicament has been received with mixed reactions by the various political players.

Members of the opposition welcomed the move saying the sanctions should serve as a lesson to government officials, especially those in security circles, who brutalise people in the name of protecting the interests of the government they serve.

Some in government including President Museveni said the sanctions were unwarranted.

In a message yesterday, Museveni said Uganda could ably try Kayihura without resort to international sanctions.

Kayihura's sanctions have caused fear and anxiety within government circles, and there are reports that a number of Ugandans could find their way on the updated list.

The Rogue has heard from reliable sources within the White House that another list of Ugandans to face sanctions is underway.

Our sources declined to reveal the identity of the Ugandans but provided us with abbreviations of their names.

This is what we could sketch out.


PE in this case does not stand for Physical Education. It stands for a psychical being. Sources haver told us that PE could be sanctioned for his operation in some military operations that led to deaths of civilians.

PE is a no nonsense fellow and has previously bragged about his ruthlessness.

Now he is living under fear because he is on the radar of the US. Anytime, he could face sanctions.



DS has a litany of crimes.

Some of DS' crimes date back to the early 1990s when he led a ruthless operation.

He is also accused of played a key role in the crackdown of the 2009 Buganda riots in which at least 30 people lost their lives.

He has since fallen out with the regime and kept a conspicuous silence.


There are many Ds on the list. DN is also a military officer and was once a blue-eyed boy of the president who rapidly promoted him.

Not long ago, DN reportedly led an operation that saw a number of opposition MPs injured.

He has since been put on Katebe but wherever he is, the US government is monitoring him.


KB is a prominent personality but he is not the one you are thinking of. He is a quiet but ruthless officer and a key strategist of the regime. KB rarely interfaces with the media but his actions speak louder than words.

A number of people have cried out over this KB but some how he remains untouchable.

This may not last long as his actions have caught the attention of the US authorities. He had better start watching his moves.


This is a veteran and knows the ins and outs of our political system. Although quiet, he has been instrumental in entrenching the government. KS has some accumulated some good money in the process but things have since turned against him. He had been linked to a number of corruption scandals home and abroad and we can confirm that the US is tracking him.



This is a senior police officer who a few years ago was active in the field. He led many operations against opposition activists, some of which led to loss of innocent lives. TG is still a serving police officer although he has gone quiet. Someone close to him told The Rogue that he regrets his past actions which however may not be able to save him from the US sanctions.

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