Uganda Airlines starts flights with cheap ticket promotions, passengers to pay in local currency


Uganda Airlines yesterday released a flight schedule ahead of its maiden flight at the end of August.

In an announcement to the Uganda Association of Travel Agents (TUGATA), the airline launched a series of promotion routes, which they said will run for at least two months.

According to the promotion, a return ticket to Nairobi will cost Shs 1m ($278), and one would need at least Shs 830,000 ($225) to fly to Juba and back.

Other costs include: Shs 1,053,000 ($286) Dar-es-Salaam, Shs1.2m ($325) to Mombasa, and 1,076,000 (311) to Bujumbura.

“This is all-inclusive of taxes. Remember, you can make your payment in Ugandan Shillings,” a statement from the airline reads in part.

Also during a media breakfast on Friday, the airline announced that;  “Starting August 28th, our Aircraft shall fly to Nairobi and Juba twice daily, Mogadishu three times weekly, Dar es Salaam and Kilimanjaro once a day, Bujumbura and Mombasa thrice a week.”

Uganda National Airlines Company Limited was last month issued with an Air Operator Certificate by the Civil Aviation Authority.

The national carrier collapsed 20 years ago but the government three years ago kick-started the process of its revival but many have been skeptical about the viability of the project.

However, while speaking at a function two receive two Bombardier planes as part of the fleet to form the core of the revived national carrier, President Museveni said the Uganda Airlines will not be allowed to collapse again.

Uganda Airlines Commercial Director, Jennifer Bamuturaki said the national carrier will be a serious player in the airline business.

The airline’s Technical Advisor, Cornwell Muleya said the national carrier has come at the right time when the continent is integrating and citizens easily access various countries without many restrictions which he said is an added advantage.

“We have already entered bilateral agreements with 47 airlines which allows our national airline to fly directly to those destinations,” Muleya said.




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